Trash Talk

Trash Talk by Michelle Mulder

This jam-packed, accessible information book will take you around the world and back through time, exploring how different societies have chosen to manage their garbage. Did you know that ancient Minoans buried their garbage in huge pits? That’s not what they did in New York City though, where people tossed waste right out their windows until the city organized trash collection in 185img_67410!

What is garbage anyway? There are many creative options when it comes to reusing or recycling what we don’t need anymore. During World War II in the 1940s, recycling became popular by necessity, whereas nowadays one favourite solution in Slovenia is to create huge public art exhibits with used plastic. The different perspectives inspire a call-to-action for youth to consider garbage differently and actively engage in a zero-waste world. The pages are filled with many colourful photographs that are appealing and fresh while the extensive text enables a deeper understanding of the topic.

-Reviewed by Johanna Ahn