Be a Red Cedar Reader

Being  a Red Cedar Award Reader is easy! You can start a group, read as a family, or read on your own. All you need to do is to start reading one of the Red Cedar Award nominees, track your reading using the Red Cedar Resources, and then in mid-spring vote for your favourite books.  Have great ideas for activities or a review that just needs to be read?  Send to  Contributing to the Award is another great way to participate.

Joining the Red Cedar Book Awards is free so that all kids, teachers, and families across BC can be a part of the program.

Creating a Group

Think about Red Cedar Groups like books clubs, it can have as many or as few people involved as you like.

Steps to making a Red Cedar Group:

  1. Complete the Registration Form for the 2024-25 School Year
  2. Put out the call for others to join your group – either through emailing people you know, talking to friends and neighbours, collaborating with people at schools or libraries, or possibly even looking on social media!
  3. Set up a Group meeting, or find other ways to read and talk about the Red Cedar Book  Awards  books either in person or online.
  4. Look at our website and check for new updates on the News page for more updates, activities and anything else that may be of interest to you and your group.

Red Cedar Award books are for readers in grades 4-7, but anyone can read and vote for their favourite Red Cedar book.

Once you’ve decided to be a Red Cedar Reader, or created a group, you can then start reading all of the nominated books!

There are resources, activities and questions that can help readers think about the books they are reading and learn more about how they were written and published. These resources are ongoing and being created all of the time. If you have some resources that you would like to share about the nominated books, please contact us!

Keep track of all the reading you and your group are doing by tracking with the group tracking charts, or the individual tracking chart.

All books are available to be bought online, at local bookstores, or borrowed from your public or school library.

Nominees are posted in the Summer, and voting starts in May of the next year, with the winners being announced in early June.