YRCABC: Vision and Values

In 1996, when the YRCABC came into existence, it had 3 goals:
  • Encourage students in grades 4-7 to read more
  • Create an awareness of Canadian books and authors
  • Develop children’s ability to judge published works
The YRCABC strategic plan has evolved to include currently both the Society and the Award but we still remain committed to the three original goals as well as two original principles guiding the Award: 
  • It must be child-centered
  • It must be Provincial
Current Strategic Plan Mission, Vision, and Values
  • A learning commons for kids, families, and educators across British Columbia to discover, connect, and be inspired by Canadian literature written for kids.
  • An engaged, excited, and educated province-wide Red Cedar Book Awards community.
  • Intellectual freedom: Children have the right to read what they want to read.
  • Literacy: Reading is the basis of discovery, growth, and life-long learning.
  • Celebration: We believe that reading is fun and empowering.
  • Diversity: We respect and embrace the Red Cedar Book Awards’ community and each member’s lived experience.
  • Inclusiveness: We foster an environment in which all ways of knowing are respected and valued.
  • Integrity: We are accountable, fair, ethical, and respectful.
  • Community: We value community knowledge and integrate experience through collaborative relationships and reflecting community in the Awards and the Society.
  • Sustainability: We manage our resources effectively and seek new ways to support our goals.