Voting for the Red Cedar Book Award takes place May 1 – 31, 2024. Enter your fiction and non-fiction choices using the following voting forms:

Results will be released on June 3, 2024.

The Voting Basics:

  • To be eligible to vote, readers must have read at least 5 of our shortlisted books in a single category. Readers can vote for Fiction titles, Non-Fiction Titles, or both!  (Read the FAQ below for more information).
  • There are tracking charts that you can use to keep track of your favourite books. You can download these tracking charts here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I have a group of 10 Red Cedar Readers.  Do we vote as a group to choose 1 book title to submit as our favourite book? You could do this, but the intent of the Award is for every reader to have their reading choices count.  So, please enter the number of votes each book received from your group. For example. Title A was liked by 3 of your group members.  Record “3” on the form.  Title “B” was liked by 6 members. Also record “6” on the same form.  You do not need to submit a new form for each title that you are submitting.  Your form could have every title with a recorded vote, or only 1-2 depending on which books your readers liked the best.
  • I am home-schooled and there is only 1 person in my Red Cedar Club. This is wonderful as clubs can vary in size.  This is a great opportunity for you to rank your books, choose which books you think are your favourites, and then record “1” for each title that you think should win the Red Cedar Book Award.
  • My family has organized a Red Cedar Club! Can we submit our votes? Yes, you can!!  Decide which books each family member liked, record  how many votes each book received by your individual family members and submit those votes.
  • So if families can participate in the Red Cedar Book Awards, does this mean that adults can vote too? We would love to open the voting up for adults, but right now the Red Cedar Book Awards are meant for kids who are in grades 4 (ish) to 7 (ish) as this is a Young Readers’ Choice Award!
  • What does (ish) mean?  This means that we are flexible in the age of readers as not all readers read at the same level.  If you are in grade 3 or grade 8 or somewhere very close to  grades 4-7, you are more than welcome to join the Red Cedar Book Award.
  • But I only really read one book. Can I still vote?  While we prefer you to read at least 5 books so that you can appreciate different writing styles, learn about new things, and get to know Canadian authors, illustrators, and publishers, we also believe that every reader has their book and if you found that book and it was the only book that you were going to read, then you can still vote for that book!
  • I am a kid,. Can I use the online form? Because we are collecting personal information, we prefer that the online form be submitted by an adult.


Email and we will answer your questions.