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Are you a Canadian kids’ book Publisher? One who wants to bring more attention to your authors and illustrators? Great! You’ve come to the right place.

By submitting your current titles to the Young Readers’ Choice Awards Society of BC for the Red Cedar Book Awards, you will be engaging directly with the kids who read your books, and reaching new kids who may never have seen your books!

The nomination lists  are put together by the Red Cedar Book Awards Selection Fiction and Non-Fiction Committees. Each reading list has 10-12 titles. These lists are recognized by schools, booksellers, and public libraries as trusted selection resources.

Nominees are posted in the summer on the Red Cedar website. Voting takes place in May, with the winners being announced in mid-June.

To submit your books for consideration, titles must be:

  • Current – Published between December 1st 2020 until October 31, 2021.
  • Written for children with a target age range of 9-12 (No Young Adult books, please).
  • Written and illustrated by Canadian citizens or landed immigrants residing in Canada.
  • Published by a Canadian trade press located in Canada.
  • Have at least 1000 copies in print or have capacity to fill demand for sales. We also encourage that Ebook versions be available.
  • Available in retail outlets, bookstores, and libraries across British Columbia.
  • Not a textbook or reprint.
  • Self-published books are eligible if they meet all of the above submission guidelines.

Submission deadline is:

November 15, 2021.

Send five print copies of each title that you are submitting to:

Red Cedar Book Awards
c/o Marilyn MacPherson
Public Library InterLINK
#158 – 5489 Byrne Road
Burnaby, British Columbia

Please note that we will now be charging a submission fee of $20.00 per title (not per copy).  This fee will go towards the costs associated with running the Red Cedar Book Awards. 

Please make the cheque out to:

Young Reader’s Choice Awards Society of British Columbia.

and send to:

Red Cedar Book Awards

745 Evans Place

Port Coquitlam BC

V3B 7M3