Welcome to The Red Cedar Book Awards!

Encouraging kids, families, and educators from across British Columbia to  read the Red Cedar Book Awards nominated non-fiction and fiction books , talk about them, and then vote for their favourites. 

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Let the voting begin!!!

Voting starts May 1, 2021 and ends May 15, 2021.

Winners to be announced May 22, 2021.

To vote, click on the link that takes you to your category, Fiction or Non-Fiction. You can vote in both categories and for more than one book.

Fiction Votes Here!

Non-Fiction Votes Here!

It is the Red Cedar Book Awards author/illustrator season!! This is a great and free opportunity for your group to meet this year’s Red Cedar Book Awards authors/illustrators and ask them all about their books! When you have completed your interview, send us a copy and it will be posted on our website and Red Cedar Book Awards Facebook page!  Email redcedaraward@gmail.com to book your interview.

We need your reviews!  Writing reviews is a great way to practice writing skills and give you the opportunity to tell the world what you thought about that great book that you just read.  We are posting your reviews beside the Fiction and Non-Fiction Nominee  titles. Take a look at  Reviewed By and send us your reviews  to redcedaraward@gmail.com so they can be posted on our website!