Past Winners List

Past Red Cedar Book Awards Winners Complete List:  1998 – Present 

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2023 FICTION Kevin Sands, Children of the Fox, Penguin, 2021. 
2023 NON-FICTION Deborah Kerbel and Angela Poon, Fred &Marjorie: A Doctor, a Dog, and the Discovery of Insulin, Owlkids, 2021.  
2022 FICTION Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Me and Banksy, Penguin Random House, 2020

Tanya Lloyd Kyi and Drew Shannon, Non-Fiction – This is Your Brain on Stereotypes: How Science is Tackling Unconscious Bias by Tanya Lloyd Kyi and Drew Shannon, Kids Can Press, 2020.

2021 FICTION Gordon Korman, The Unteachables, Harper Collins Publishers, 2019
2021 NON-FICTION Kyo Maclear and Julie Morstad for It Began with a Page: How Gyo Fujikawa Drew the Way, Penguin Random House, 2019
2020 FICTION Jonathan Auxier, Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster. Harry N. Abrams, 2018.
2020 NON-FICTION Van Ho and Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch.  Too Young to Escape: A Vietnamese Girl Waits to be Reunited with Her Family. Pajama Press, 2018.
2019 FICTION Alex Lyttle. From Ant to Eagle. Central Avenue Publishing. 2017.
2019 NON-FICTION Joanne George. Smiley: A Journey of Love. Fitzhenry & Whiteside. 2017.
2018 FICTION Casey Lyall. Howard Wallace, P.I. Sterling Children’s Books 2016.
2018 NON-FICTION Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer. I am Not a Number. Second Story Press. 2016.
2017 FICTION Kevin Sands. Blackthorn Key. Aladdin. 2016.
2017 NON-FICTION Julia Coey. Animal Hospital: Rescuing Urban Wildlife. Firefly. 2015.
2016 FICTION Becky Citra, Finding Grace. Second Story Press, 2014.
2016 NON-FICTION David J. Smith If… A Mind-Bending Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers. Illustrated by Steve Adams. Kids Can Press, 2014
2015 FICTION Jill MacLean, The Hidden Agenda of Sigrid Sugden. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2013.
2016 NON-FICTION Rona Arato, The Last Train. Owlkids , 2013.
2014 FICTION Gordon Korman, Ungifted. Harper Collins, 2012.
2014 NON-FICTION Clare Eamer, The World in Your Lunchbox. Annick Press, 2012.
2013 FICTION Sara Leach, Count Me In. Orca Books, 2011.
2013 NON-FICTION Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, Last Airlift: A Vietnamese Orphan’s Rescue from War. Pajama Press, 2011.
2012 FICTION Becky Citra, After the Fire. Victoria: Orca Books, 2010
2012 NON-FICTION Valerie Wyatt, How to Build Your Own Country. Illustrated by Fred Rix. Kids Can Press, 2009.
2011 FICTION Alma Fullerton, Libertad. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2008.
2011 NON-FICTION Frieda Wishinsky and Elizabeth MacLeod, Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Weird Stuff You Didn’t Know About Food. Scholastic Inc., 2008.
2010 FICTION Christina Kilbourne, Dear Jo: The story of losing Leah and searching for hope. Lobster Press, 2007.
2010 NON-FICTION Jane Drake and Ann Love, Sweet! The delicious story of candy. Illustrated by Claudia Davila. Tundra Books, 2007.
2009 FICTION L.M. Falcone, The Devil, the Banshee and Me. Kids Can Press, 2006.
2009 NON-FICTION Stanley Coren, Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses? Kids Can Press, 2006.
2009 NON-FICTION HONOUR BOOK Helaine Becker, Secret Agent Y.O.U. The Official Guide to Secret Codes, Disguises, Surveillance and More! Illustrated by Dave Whammond. Maple Tree Press, 2006.
2008 FICTION Pamela Porter, The Crazy Man. Groundwood Books, 2005.
2008 NON-FICTION Bill Slavin with Jim Slavin, Transformed: How Everyday Things Are Made. Illustrated by Bill Slavin. Kids Can Press, 2005.
2007 FICTION Kenneth Oppel, Airborn. HarperCollins Publishers, 2004.
2007 NON-FICTION Trudee Romanek, Aha! The Most Interesting Book You’ll Ever Read About Intelligence. Illustrated by Rose Cowles. Kids Can Press, 2004.
2006 FICTION Deborah Ellis, Mud City. Groundwood Books, 2003.
2006 NON-FICTION Larry Verstraete, Survivors: True Death-Defying Escapes. Markham, ON: Scholastic Canada, 2003.
2005 FICTION Deborah Ellis, Parvana’s Journey. Groundwood Books, 2002.
2005 NON-FICTION Karen Levine, Hana’s Suitcase. Second Story Press, 2002.
2004 FICTION Virginia Frances Schwartz, If I Just Had Two Wings. Stoddart Kids, 2001.
2004 NON-FICTION Lyn Thomas, Ha! Ha! Ha! 1000+ Jokes, Riddles, Facts, and More. Illustrated by Diane Eastman. Maple Tree Press/Owl Books, 2001.
2003 FICTION Deborah Ellis, The Breadwinner. Groundwood Books, 2000.
2003 NON-FICTION Linda Bailey, Adventures in the Middle Ages. Illustrated by Bill Slavin. Kids Can Press, 2000.
2002 FICTION Kenneth Oppel, Sunwing. HarperCollins Publishers, 1999.
2002 NON-FICTION Vivien Bowers, Wow Canada! Exploring This Land From Coast to Coast to Coast. Illustrated by Dan Hobbs and Diane Eastman. Owl Books/Greey de Pencier, 1999.
2001 FICTION Gayle Friesen, Janey’s Girl. Kids Can Press, 1998.
2001 NON-FICTION Marg Meikle, Funny You Should Ask. Scholastic Canada, 1998.
2000 FICTION Kenneth Oppel, Silverwing. HarperCollins Publishers, 1997.
2000 NON-FICTION Dave Bouchard, The Great Race. Raincoast Books, 1997.
1999 FICTION Kit Pearson, Awake and Dreaming. Penguin, 1996.
1999 NON-FICTION Hugh Brewster, Anastasia’s Album. Madison Press/Penguin Books Canada, 1996.
1998 FICTION Bernice Thurman Hunter, Amy’s Promise. Scholastic Canada, 1995.
1998 NON-FICTION Linda Granfield, In Flanders Fields: The Story of the Poem by John McCrae. Illustrated by Janet Wilson. Stoddart Kids, 1996.