Eco Warrior

Eco Warrior by Philip Roy

Eco Warrior is a wonderful tale about a sixteen year old boy named Alfred that pulls you in right away and keeps you reading from page one to the end. Alfred is traveling to Australia in a 28413939homemade submarine with his pet seagull and dog to learn how to be an environmentalist and save the oceans. On the way Alfred learns many life lessons and meets new friends for life. After Alfred gets to Australia he gets mistakenly accused of sabotaging a tanker and has to make a daring escape with the help of a friend. Because of that Alfred makes his way over to Tasmania to see if he can help the Sea Shepherd Society battle tankers that supply Japanese whale hunters with fuel for their ships.

Eco Warrior is short book that outlines the dangers that our oceans are in and shows that it’s still possible for us to make a change. You do not need to read the previous six books in the series to enjoy this one.

Overall, Eco Warrior an engaging book that never leaves you in a dry spot.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is real! Take a look at this site to find out more:

-reviewed by Johanna Ahn

Power Up! A Visual Exploration of Energy

Power Up! A Visual Exploration of Energy, by Shaker N. Paleja

Comprehensive and clear, Power Up! A Visual Exploration of Energy breaks down the different img_6740types of renewable and nonrenewable energies on each oversized page. Fantastic visuals — including colourful infographics, charts, diagrams, and maps — provide an understanding of what energy is, the various types, and how it works. The strong illustrations clarify and bring to life many complex concepts. Questions like What is fracking?, How does hydroelectricity work?, and Can the oceans’ tides produce energy for us? are broken down and explained. Significant issues such as oil spills, new energy sources, and global demand are also presented in a manner which appeals to the visual learner. An excellent resource for research, Power Up! is also a fascinating read on its own.

-Reviewed by Johanna Ahn

Trash Talk

Trash Talk by Michelle Mulder

This jam-packed, accessible information book will take you around the world and back through time, exploring how different societies have chosen to manage their garbage. Did you know that ancient Minoans buried their garbage in huge pits? That’s not what they did in New York City though, where people tossed waste right out their windows until the city organized trash collection in 185img_67410!

What is garbage anyway? There are many creative options when it comes to reusing or recycling what we don’t need anymore. During World War II in the 1940s, recycling became popular by necessity, whereas nowadays one favourite solution in Slovenia is to create huge public art exhibits with used plastic. The different perspectives inspire a call-to-action for youth to consider garbage differently and actively engage in a zero-waste world. The pages are filled with many colourful photographs that are appealing and fresh while the extensive text enables a deeper understanding of the topic.

-Reviewed by Johanna Ahn