Dunces Rock Contest Winners!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.47.41 PMKate Jaimet, author of Red Cedar Award nominee Dunces Rock, has just announced the winners of the Dunces Rock Songwriting Contest! There were so many amazing contest entries to choose from that she’s decided to award two winners, one for best video, and one for best song lyrics.

The prize for best video goes to Amy Attalla, for her lovely song lovely song “Ms. Mills is the best”, which she set to the tune of Simon & Garfunkle’s Scarborough Fair.

The prize for best lyrics goes to Mia Herman and her song “Rules”, which Kate Jaimet says “exemplifies the sassy spirit of the Dunces.”

Each lucky winner will received a signed copy of either Dunces Anonymous or Dunces Rock!

Head over to Kate Jaimet’s website for a chance to watch Amy’s video and read Mia’s song lyrics.

Congratulations to our talented winners, and thank you to everyone who entered this exciting contest, well done everyone!

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