Grown-Ups Read – Finding Grace

We’re excited to announce a new feature here on the Red Cedar Blog – Grown-ups Read! Some of the great volunteers who help make the Red Cedar Awards possible will be sharing with us the Red Cedar Award nominees they’ve been reading. We’re kicking things off with Jane, who’s been reading Finding Grace by Becky Citra.

Imagine finding out that your imaginary friend is actually a real person! For years Hope has been pouring out her heart to her friend Grace, writing letters about all the good things and bad things in her life. Like the fact that her mom is so sad these days that she can’t even get out of bed sometimes, so the family has to keep moving because her mom can’t seem to hold a job or make the rent. Hope always thought Grace was just someone in her imagination, but when she discovers a shocking secret that her family has been hiding from her all her life, Hope realizes that Grace is a real person after all, and that nothing about her family is quite as it seems.

The story takes place in two different B.C. locations – Vancouver and Harrison Hot Springs – and although it’s set in the 1950s, readers will likely still be able to relate to Grace. A lot of her feelings and experiences will still be familiar to kids today, and readers will really get to know Grace and her family. This is definitely worth picking up for kids who like stories about friendships, family, life in the past, and gutsy girls!

Finding Grace

Jane Whittingham is a children’s librarian in Vancouver, and helps coordinate the social media content for the Red Cedar Awards.

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