2023 – 2024 Red Cedar Book Awards Voting Opens 


[Vancouver, BC, May 5, 2024] – The Red Cedar Book Awards invites readers in grades 4 (ish) to 7 (ish) to participate in the 2024 – 2024 season’s voting for Non-Fiction and Fiction categories. The voting period is from May 1, 2024, to May 31, 2024. The online voting form is accessible at redcedaraward.ca. 

In the Non-Fiction category for 2023 – 2024, there are twelve BC provincial published books and fifteen authors nominated, while the Fiction category includes twelve local and provincial published books and thirteen authors. Children near grades 4 to 7 who have read at least one listed book on the website are encouraged to join in this voting process. Online voting for children requires adult supervision. Detailed information about voting and privacy policies can be found at redcedaraward.ca. 

The Red Cedar Awards (The Awards), as a part of British Columbia’s Young Readers Choice Award Society (YRCABC), aims to encourage students in grades 4-7 to read more; Creating an awareness of Canadian books and authors; Developing children’s ability to judge published works. The Awards adhere to two core principles: being child-centered and promoting provincial publications. 

Since its inception in 1996, YRCABC has provided a learning platform for kids, families, and educators across British Columbia to discover, connect with, and be inspired by Canadian literature for children. Over nearly three decades, YRCABC has fostered an engaged, excited, and educated province-wide Red Cedar Book Awards community. We welcome the participation of children, teachers, and families in this voting process, aligning with our values of Intellectual freedom, Literacy, Diversity, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Community, and Sustainability. Let us celebrate BC’s children’s authors, books, and publishers, as we believe that reading is both fun and empowering. 

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Zoe Zhang at secretary@redcedaraward.ca.