Reviewed By: The Vegetable Museum

Reviewed By: Cosmic C

The Vegetable Museum is about a girl named Chloé who lived in Montreal. Her parents often argued so she moved to Victoria with her dad, where she met her grandfather Uli who had had a stroke. Her dad didn’t seem to get along very well with her grandfather, although it seemed like Uli didn’t want it that way. She learned that he had a garden full of endangered vegetables who different people had given to him to grow. She often helped her grandfather in the garden, which she really enjoyed. Uli then had a bad stroke that he didn’t survive. Chloé and her new friend who lived in her apartment building helped care for the garden but then it was fenced up by the landlord who owned the house her grandad had lived in. She wanted to save the garden so she started searching for the seed collection. It ended up with lots of locals helping her so that in the end the landlord was not allowed to destroy the garden. I really liked the story. Although some of the people were not getting along, they worked out their problems.

Reviewed By: Jamie

I recommend this book because it told me a lot about plants. Another reason I liked this book was that she  knew what was right even if others said this was wrong. I think this book tells you that everything needs to be respected even plants.