Red Cedar Book Awards – Activities for Any Book

  1. Create a different book cover for your book in the style of your favorite artist.You can use picture books, photography, line drawing, graphic novels, or other forms for motivation!
  2. Create a book trailer for your book using Book Creator, Slidely,  Animoto or some other digital program.
  3. Create a story board for your book using FOUND objects. 
  4. Create a 3D character from your book using fabric, recyclable materials, etc.
  5. Write a letter to the author of your book. Create a set of questions you could use to interview the author of your book.
  6. Write the beginning of a sequel to your book.
  7.  Write the backstory for a prequel to your book.
  8. Create a diorama for your book.
  9. Illustrate your favorite scene from the book.
  10. Create a recipe or learn about some food mentioned in your book.
  11. Learn about the place where your book is set (city, country, language, culture).
  12. Describe in a short essay (3-5 paragraphs) how your book reflects society.
  13. If the main character from your book could visit you for a day, what kinds of things would you do? Where would you go? What would you talk about?
  14. List any connections or parallels between your book and yourself, or between your book and another book (or movie). Read a second Red Cedar Award book and compare the two.
  15. Take some photos that connect to your book. Have a classmate try and guess which book you read (or which photograph represents which scene).