Non-Fiction: The Witness Blanket: Truth, Art, and Reconciliation


Artist Carey Newman created the Witness Blanket to honour and bring awareness to Indigenous children taken from their families and sent to residential schools all across Canada. Newman and his team  collected objects, photographs and documents from residential schools all across Canada. The book tells the important stories behind of all of the gathered objects that make up the Witness Blanket.


  1. One part of the Witness Blanket is a door taken from St Michael’s School in Alert Bay. How did Carey Newman get his daughter to help with this part of the project?
  2. When did the last residential school in Canada  close?
  3. What material were most residential schools in Canada made from?
  4. What sports helped children get through their time at residential school and helped them escape their harsh reality.
  5. In which museum does the Witness Blanket now  live?

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