Non-Fiction: Sky Wolf’s Call: The Gift of Indigenous Knowledge


The dynamic duo who brought you “Turtle Island: The story of North America’s First People” and “What the Eagle sees: Indigenous stories of rebellion and renewal” reveal ways in which Indigenous knowledge is used to solve contemporary real world problems. Eldon Yellowhorn (Piikani Nation) is an archaeologist and professor at Simon Fraser University. With Kathy Lowinger he has written three seminal books on Indigenous culture and tradition. In this book they apply Indigenous knowledge to specific applications of water, fire, food, healing and sky knowledge using both awareness of the natural world, technical expertise and contemporary activism.


  1. What knowledge and issues inform an indigenous perspective on protecting our waters?
  2. Forest fires are terrifying but in what way have Indigenous peoples used fire positively?
  3. Food security affects everyone but name ways in which Indigenous people have ensured balance in using keystone species such as the buffalo and salmon?
  4. Harmony and respect are critical components of Indigenous knowledge. Name three examples from the book that demonstrate harmony and respect in our modern day world.

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