Non-Fiction: Salmon: Swimming for Survival


Salmon are essential and inseparable from the culture, history and ecology of British Columbia and this books presents everything from the species, life-cycles and eco-systems of salmon around the world. From the biology to the harvesting of salmon, this book covers a wealth of information regarding this keystone species in British Columbia. Understanding the eco-system is essential to preserving the streams, rivers and ocean along our coast and ensuring this invaluable species for future generations.


  1.  The Salmonidae family is split into Atlantic and Pacific salmon but can you name at least four of the Pacific salmon species?
  2. What does the term “anadromy” mean and why is that important in understanding the salmon’s life-cycle.
  3. What is a “little kid” salmon called and what is a ‘tween’ salmon called?
  4. In the Pacific NorthWest, Indigenous people developed several creative ways of catching or trapping salmon. Name three.
  5. What would you do to help preserve, restore or save important salmon eco-systems?

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