Non-Fiction: Her Courage Rises: 50 Trailblazing Women of British Columbia & the Yukon


Readers will be inspired by the fascinating stories of these trailblazing women that lived and worked in British Columbia. Through their great determination, hard work and sacrifices, they each left their indelible marks on our province’s history and culture.  Imagine what great things you can accomplish with your life to make a difference in your community?


  1. What famous poet, born in Six Nations of the Grand River (Ontario), is buried and has a memorial in Stanley Park in Vancouver?
  2. Why did Florence Edenshaw Davidson start to make Haida Button Blankets again? Why did she keep this a secret at first?
  3. How old was Nellie Cashman when she discovered her passion for mining?  How old was she when she took the 17 day, 1200 Kilometres long dogsled trip from Nolan Creek to Alaska? Wow!
  4. Before Salt Spring Island became a tourist destination, how did Cowichan, Mary Ann Gyves, and her husband make a living?
  5. Who coined the phrase Brown is Beautiful?

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