Non-Fiction: Caring for Critters: One Year at a Wildlife Rescue Centre


Author and retired journalist Nicholas Reid tells of his one year volunteering experience with Critter Care, a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Langley BC. With interesting stories and beautiful photography of rescued animals from otters to bears, this month by month account explains how the animals came to be at the centre and the stories of  dedicated volunteers who care for them.


  1. How did Critter Care get its start?
  2. What are otter pups called?
  3. What month marks the official start of baby season at Critter Care?
  4. What kinds of fruits and vegetables do bears at Critter Care like to eat?
  5. How long will a mother deer leave her baby fawns while she goes and forages for food?

Curriculum Connections: 

Personal and Social – Social Awareness and Responsibility


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