Non-Fiction: Arab Fairy Tale Feasts


This gorgeous book contains 14 fables about Arab culture each ending with a one-line moral.  The tales are often humorous-in The Brickmaker’s Hoard a sneaky thief is cleverly outwitted by the quick-thinking bricklayer. Each tale features a particular food and  is followed by a recipe  that focuses on that food. The recipes are easy to follow and look extremely tasty. You might want to surprise your family with a delicious Arab dish!


  1. What is the Arabic word for meatballs?
  2. Which story has a fire salamander in it?
  3. What is the main ingredient in hummus?
  4. What is the Arabic word for tamarind and what does it mean?
  5. What kind of creature helped Soraya rescue her brothers?

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Arab Fairy Tale Feasts PDF (8.5×11)

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