Fiction: Mortimer: Rat Race to Space


Mortimer is a journal-keeping lab rat who dreams of traveling to space. When a spot on the International Space Station (ISS) opens up he knows he must do whatever it takes to become an intergalactic space rat! Mortimer sets out to prove his worth with his journal and video camera to prove that rats are better suited than humans when it comes to colonizing mars. This story is full of drama in outer space, hilarious rat pranks and a lot of science facts that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!


  1. What was a funny or surprising moment that you liked in the story?
  2. Mortimer is trying to prove rats are better when it comes to colonizing mars. How does science help prove theories? Does this work for Mortimer?
  3. In one of Mortimer’s videos, Boris encourages him to be less one-sided and to state all of the facts – not just the ones that Mortimer agrees with. Who is right and why is it important to tell all the facts about a situation?
  4. How do Celeste and Mortimer use a secret code to communicate? How does it work and how does it get used in the end of the story?
  5. Do you think space exploration is important? If so, why? Did this book help change your opinion about space exploration?

Curriculum Connections:

Thinking – Creative Thinking



Book Cover PDF (8.5×11)

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