Fiction: Peanut Butter and Chaos


It started as a simple experiment. Sam set out to prove that he was invisible to his father. What follows is anything but simple. When Sam is suddenly stuck by “a bolt from the blue” – lightning that looks like it came from the blue sky and out of nowhere – nothing is the same. Between having pixelated vision, a blue-skinned, invisible friend named Flum and a neighbor who seems to have vanished (or maybe didn’t even exist at all); Sam’s life in Gilla Farm, Manitoba suddenly becomes very complex. With the help of a special suit Sam navigates this strange new world where he discovers links to his own mysterious past.


  1. Have you ever felt invisible to someone? What did you do, if anything, to become visible to that person?
  2. Sam has no memory of his mother; however he has some mementos from his infancy. Do you have any mementos from when you were a baby?
  3. Why do you think that the author chose the title Peanut Butter and Chaos? What title would you give it?
  4. Did you race to the end of the book or did you take your time getting there?
  5. Are there any lingering questions from the book that you are still thinking about?

Curriculum Connections:

Thinking – Critical Thinking and Reflective Thinking


Book Cover PDF (8.5×11)

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