Fiction: Guardians of Porthaven

Author Illustrator Publisher
Shane Arbuthnott   Orca

Growing up can be hard, but when your family has a dark secret, it can be deadly. 

Malcom realizes that he is part of a huge powerful family that is doing great things for his city. Or are they? In the book written for older kids, Malcom has to deal with his family problems, find new friends, find out who he really wants to be, and of course, deal with a hoard of invading aliens. Easy peasy. 


  • So what would you do if you were Malcom?
  • What kind of superpowers do you want or already have? 
  • Malcolm makes new friends, are they friends that his family would like? 
  • Kleks. Fight or run?
  • What are your favourite memories? 


SD20 Webster Elementary Red Cedar Readers

I enjoyed this book.  This is a book about a boy with a family history of superpowers and when he turns 15 he is chosen to be a guardian of the city. Soon he discovers a horrifying truth about his family and how they aren’t the saviors everyone thought they were. I would recommend this book to anyone Grade 7 and up because it has some vulgar language.

Guardians of Porthaven was an okay book. I honestly didn’t enjoy it very much; it was hard to follow at times. I got very confused quite quickly. I don’t recommend this book to people who get distracted easily, or to anyone in Grade 4 and below. ⅖.

Guardians of Porthaven is a very well written book. I really enjoyed this book because it kept me entertained for a very long time and I never got bored of it. I recommend this book for people who like action type books and kids who are in Grade 6-7 (mostly people who are in Grade 7). This book will keep you curious throughout the whole book. I rate this book at 5/5.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked this book because I think it was very well written and I could easily follow the storyline. I normally don’t like fantasy and science fiction but this book was so well written that I actually enjoyed it. I would recommend this book to Grade 4 and up. I rate this book a 5.

This Red Cedar is a really good book. It’s a fiction book that is a bit of a superhero story but more modern. I would always want to read it because it was a book that had some cliffhangers. I think this book is for ages 10 and older. Overall, I rate this book a 5/5.

The Red Cedar book, Guardians of Porthaven, is an enjoyable read. Normally, I don’t care for science fiction books, but I liked this one. The author, Shane Arbuthnott, describes what is going on in the book really well. I recommend this book to people who enjoy fantasy or science fiction books and are between the ages of ten and thirteen. I enjoyed reading this Red Cedar and I hope that you do too.