Fiction: Ghostlight


Toronto’s historic Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is the scene of this chilling and fast moving ghost story.  Gabe has his first summer job spinning tale of Rebecca Strand’s tragic death for tourists, who eat it up!  But of course, it’s all a show.  That is, until Rebecca awakens and reveals her murderer, the evil spirit of Nicolas Viker has merely been sleeping all these centuries and is ready to regain power.  Gabe must join forces with his techie best friend Yuri, a ghost blogger Callie, Rebecca, and a swarm of specters to save both the living and the dead from Viker’s insatiable appetites. 


  1. If there was a ghost in this room with us right now, what do you think it would say to us?
  2. What part of the book did you find the creepiest?Why? What part did you find the most exciting? Why?
  3. Rebecca misses’ lots of things (like eating).What food would you miss the most if you could never have it again?
  4. Which character did you most enjoy? Why?
  5. What does Gabe say to his dad that finally lets the both of them be free and move forward?Why do you think that message is important?

Curriculum Connections:

Communication – Collaboration


Book Cover PDF (8.5×11)

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