Fiction: Eight Days


Sami has lived with her Grandfather, Carl since she was 4.  All this time, she thought her mother was dead.  But it turns out she was wrong, and now her, Carl and their neighbour Aggie have to head off on an eight-day road trip south to retrieve her mother’s remains.  Through painful crisis and horrible realizations, Aggie is cradled by the warm and flawed chosen family who surround her.  A heartfelt and surprisingly funny book about love, and forgiveness. 


  1. Sami has a swatch book of colours that make her feel comforted and safe.Do you have anything from your childhood that makes you feel that way?
  2. Carl’s neighbours don’t like him.But they love Sami.  Why do you think that is?
  3. Aggie, Carl, Nilofer, Tarek,the Khalids and Mrs. Nafisi are all a family to Sami, even though they are not related by blood.Who is in your family?
  4. Carl makes some promises to Samantha in the end.What does he promise? Do you think he will keep that promise?
  5. Sami says that she feels like she is “holding up the airplane.” How do you think that feels?

Curriculum Connections:

Personal and Social – Positive Personal and Cultural Identity


Book Cover PDF (8.5×11)

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