Fiction: Double O Stephen and the Ghostly Realm


Stephen is obsessed with pirates, at least all of the good parts. He and his best friend know that pirates have a bad reputation for the robbing and fighting, so they’ve come up with a new term: piventurate! All the good parts of being a pirate, without the bad stuff. Unfortunately, Stephen’s mom is not supportive and maybe even acting secretive? After Stephen is suspended from school for a piventurate-inspired accident, he and his mom go out for a day of educational activities. When they get to the steam clock, Stephen finds his world turned upside down – literally. He has somehow fallen into the realm of the dead where he meets a real pirate – Captain Sapperton –  who needs his help. Will he be able to shuttle the captain to the afterlife and return to his life with the living before time runs out?


  1. What is a piventurate and how is it different from a pirate?
  2. Why is Stephen’s mother being so secretive throughout the story?
  3. In the story what did you learn about being a mudang? How do Stephen and Stephen’s mom feel about both being mudangs? 
  4. Who is your favourite ghost? Why?
  5. Stephen’s mom and dad recently got divorced and they don’t get along very well. How does Stephen handle this? How does he spend time with his mom and how is it different from spending time with his dad? 

Curriculum Connections:

Personal and Social – Positive Personal and Cultural Identity


Book Cover PDF (8.5×11)

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