Fiction: Autumn Bird and the Runaway


Autumn comes from a privileged, loving family. Cody comes from an abusive, alcoholic home. When he runs away, Autumn finds him curled up in pain, without resources, and without a safe place to stay. Autumn offers Cody a refuge and soon the both of them begin learning about lives neither have experienced. 


  1. How do Autumn’s and Cody’s parents differ?  What impact has their parent’s actions have on each child? 
  2. How many children across Canada or in your home town, do you think have homes like Cody’s? 
  3. Why do Autumn and Cody start to trust each other? 
  4. What are the two learning from each other? 
  5. How do they both grow because/despite each other?

Curriculum Connections:

  • Communication – Collaboration
  • Personal and Social – Social Awareness and Responsibility


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