Reviewed By: Caribou

Reviewed By: Mady

I have it a 4 because it has a lot of details, and the pictures are very detailed.  I was very interested that reindeer can be used for knives.  The paper of the book is very good quality too.  The book had a lot of detail about caribous which are now one of my favourite animals.
Reviewed By: Cosmic C

Caribou is a book that teaches readers about the life of caribou. My favourite part of this book is the illustrations. They don’t look like cartoons, they look more like real life so it gave me an idea of what the animals really look like. I remember from the book that it said a leader of a group of caribou put its hoof in the water to test if it was safe to cross before letting the others go. There were lots of other interesting facts too. I learned that mosquitoes like to feed on the caribou!