Heart of a Champion

Heart of a Champion by Ellen Schwartz

Hear of a Champion coverTen-year-old Kenny (Kenji in Japanese) worships his older brother, Mickey (Mitsuo), a baseball hero whose outstanding performance on the Asahi baseball team has given him fame and popularity. Despite Kenny’s suspected heart condition, he is determined to practice secretly with Mickey so he, too, can one day try out for the Asahi. But world events soon overtake life in this quiet community. When Japan attacks Pearl Harbor in 1941, everything for Kenny and his family spirals out of control: schools are closed, businesses are confiscated, fathers are arrested and sent to work camps in the BC interior and mothers and children are relocated to internment camps. When Mickey is arrested for a small act of violence, Kenny manages to keep his family’s spirits up, despite the deplorable conditions in camp. Coming across a “vacant” field covered with scrap wood, broken shakes and torn tar paper, Kenny gets permission to clear it and convert it into a baseball field. One by one, the boys in the camp pitch in, and the work gives purpose to their long days. Kenny’s persistence, hard work and big dreams shape the teen he is to become in this story of happiness found despite all odds. (Tundra)

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by Elika on Blank Product Name

It's really amazing with every characters personality that manages to unite all of them together, to make...... a baseball team

by Samantha Wood on Blank Product Name

I love love love this book because it is so sad and so happy at different parts and it is about a real event which is the type of books I love.

I really liked this book because in the book Kenny's favorite sport is baseball and I loooooooooooooooooooove baseball!!! I also liked this book because it had Japanese internment camps . I liked this part because it has Japanese culture and I looooooooooove that culture.

I really loved this book. Not only did this book teach me and others that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, it also gave me more knowledge about the time of the war and how racism effected their lives

by Angie on Blank Product Name

This book is one of my favs because I love how much detail the book has and the way she imaginad their personality. I think this book is heartwarming book that i absoulutly love!! 🙂

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