And the Winners are!

A big congratulations to:

Too Young to Escape: a Vietnamese girl waits to be reunited with her family by Van Ho and Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster by Jonathan Auxier!

Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in this year’s Red Cedar Award!

Voting – Update again!

Hey Red Cedar Family!

We know that this year has been strange, and that this week, many kids are going back to school buildings for the first time in a long, long while. And because of this, we will be keeping voting open until Sunday, June 7th, in order to make sure that classrooms, and leaders have enough time to get votes in.

Thanks for your patience while we continue to update the way things are working.

We look forward to seeing all those votes! And don’t forget that you can still leave a review on those books that you have read!


Voting in the time of COVID-19

Hello Red Cedar,

Like all of you, we’ve had to switch some stuff up this year because of things far beyond our control. Because we know that some of your Groups and classes will be working from very different spaces – hopefully spaces that look and feel a lot more like home – we will be changing our voting timeline to give you all more time to get comfortable with your new normal.

Voting now ends on Sunday, May 31st, and the Winners will be announced on Monday, June 15th!

As Red Cedar is the ultimate battle of the books, your votes determine who the winners are! So choose wisely!

Happy Reading everyone!

Author Interviews!

Hey Red Cedar!

Author Interviews are happening once again!

If you and your group would like to participate with some of the authors of the Red Cedar awards, you should let us know! We will try our absolute best to set up and interview with your group and an author.

To apply to do this – please send an email to Include in your email your top 3 authors that your group would want to interview, and we will get back to you!  We will do our absolute best to match you with one of the authors your group wants to interview, and will let you know quickly if we have to offer an alternative option.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Reviews are back!

Hey Red Cedar!

You can now post your reviews of the books you’re reading for the awards!

To post a review, go to either the Fiction or the Information lists, click on the book cover you want to review, and fill out the review form at the bottom of the book description!

It may take a day or two to appear, but fear not! We are working on them.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback in wanting the space for reviews back, we look forward to reading them all.

Also, just a reminder, but your review isn’t a vote! We will be starting the voting season on Tuesday, March 10th, and ending this year on Tuesday, April 21st!

Stay tuned for more information!

Website Updates!

Hello Red Cedar!

Our website has been in need of a massive update for a long, long while now. We know it, you know it, and we know you know it.

Over the next few months, things will be changing and updating on this site, and we greatly appreciate your feedback and patience with all of the changes. Should anything massive happen with the site, we will let you know through the ‘blog’.

The process of redoing a website is a long one, so thank you in advance for your patience and continued support!

(Your friendly neighbourhood web designer.)