About the Awards

The Red Cedar Book Awards are British Columbia’s free young readers’ choice awards developed  for kids in grades 4-7.

Every school year, kids, teachers and families all over BC read books from the Red Cedar Book Awards nomination lists. They can do this individually or as a group! In late spring, kids vote for their favourite fiction and information books and the winners are announced before the end of the school year.

Started in 1998, the Red Cedar Book Awards were created to inspire children, families, and teachers in British Columbia to read Canadian fiction and non-fiction books written for kids. The Red Cedar Book Awards promote literacy  and give kids across BC  a fun reading program during the school year.

The Red Cedar Book Awards are administered by the Young Readers’ Choice Society of British Columbia and are supported by generous donors from across the province.

Programs similar to the  Red Cedar Book Awards can be found across Canada from the Maritimes to the Canadian Rockies!