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<rewale> and messaging system
<maniktala> ja scheitel
<akrep> dial up.
<davez> no, i checked gpg subscripting of messages
<yudisthira> nie ma
<ryden> It seems very simmilar to LDAP.
<zolzaya> you too
<nassal> so did u say u were learning C++?
<zucchelli> don┬_t have any landline
<illerbrun> plz?

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<malema> hot and humid
<lupae> Server must have the hiccups again
<deronda> I found the dam setting,, Working now. ;-)
<squillaciotti> oops freightowl
<rategan> from mexico
<yzobelle> nun brauch ich nocheinen converence room
<dagumboy> i am using the right distro?
<northover> Know of a good static library?
<bodat> i think will work
<dagos> and check the README
<cypruz> what could be viewed?
<nutton> linux interface to creative nomad devices.
<tugui> no, no wether yet

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<cooluts> nope, why?
<skarja> nuuu
<matusheski> saved rooms
<kapuno> It afflicts me also
<drossis> ist dieses denn nicht real
<eigirdas> Hehe, ok.
<rothermich> it not only one
<vingerhoets> you know synic then?
<herbaut> but it is not working
<chaikha> Bah, I wish Miranda had an XML console

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<taloasar> there never were any normal times
<haochuan> roosm = rooms
<siska> ah. seems kind of rude
<getro> Pretty good for a sunday.
<gavrailov> Hello all
<lautenschlager> any luck?
<nongxi> thats not good
<aador> clint prob
<anastacio> jabber-users mostly prefer one to one chats
<cosman> it was 6F this morning
<kranenburg> some clients recognise IRC style commands
<dimatteo> teri
<fatheree> from where we begin?
<rivero> or when someone expects it ;)
<holcraft> use the jabber browser

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<lusiyana> does any of you use gaim?
<nettleingham> Annoying
<dasith> hi mice it me
<claysa> So you guys know about snow then!
<jakerson> asdfasdfas
<rothe> u have a website?
<anoohya> b;ah?
<huckleberryy> hola?
<cander> You use the add feature
<eastwood> or another country?
<rivello> if at school
<detectif> of college?
<arefkia> Zelda? that game is awesome!

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<ricer> Some linux, some Windows, some FreeBSD
<sandberg> including configuring?
<qader> I use jabberd 1.4 on FreeBSD
<jadenwolf> you scared her away =P
<baqai> baccus?┬┐
<margalith> which is only 45 euro
<masif> its asking for room server
<janeson> my fist time too
<chanjae> Doh!
<gagliani> currently.
<harshani> no ,at home

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