Top Dogs

Top Dogs: True Stories of Canines Who Made History by Elizabeth MacLeod

Calling all dog lovers! History has never been so fascinating as seen from the viewpoint of how dogs helped make it.
For the millions of kids who love dogs, this book tells the stories of 8 amazing canines through the ages whose actions influenced the course of history. Among the dogs featured are Stubby, a mutt who rescued American soldiers in the trenches of WWI, Buddy, the first seeing-eye-dog in North America, Brandy, a German Shepherd who discovered a bomb aboard a plane, and Seaman, the Newfoundland, who accompanied Lewis and Clark, helping them complete their expedition by protecting them from wild animals and providing them with food. Scattered throughout the book are side bars filled with information about the exploits of many other dogs as well as the history, habits, and characteristics of various breeds. (From

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Red Cedar Book Awards
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by nateGT on Red Cedar Book Awards

I liked this book a lot because I love dogs and there was some really cool and interesting stories and that is why I gave it 5 stars.

by Amelia on Red Cedar Book Awards

I give this book a four star rating. It was a pretty interesting book. I liked how i got to learn about dogs I didn't know about.

by Jaina GT on Red Cedar Book Awards

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!! It is really interesting and I learned a lot about my favorite animal! Even if you don't really like information books, I'm 100% sure you will love this. I really hope you enjoy this book, and learning about some of the bravest dogs that made history! Five Stars *****!

by Sydney on Red Cedar Book Awards

Top dog had so much amazing information I love all the dogs that were in this book especially stubby, but there was a few stories were the book skip to pages to finish the stories other then that it was in amazing.

by alana on Red Cedar Book Awards

Top dogs is a great information book if your a dog lover or if your just looking for some dog history. I love it. I learned a whole bunch of new things about dogs. I hope you like it as much as I did!!!!