The Vimy Oaks

The Vimy Oaks by Linda Granfield

“I am writing seated at the foot of a large oak,” wrote Leslie Miller in his diary in 1916, while war raged around him. Little could this Canadian soldier have imagined how future generations would come to enjoy the majestic oak trees he grew after his return to Canada.

Standing amidst the devastation of war, Leslie picked up a handful of acorns and mailed them home, where they were nurtured. This small but amazingly hopeful act continues to be felt just as powerfully today, one hundred years after the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The living legacy of Leslie Miller’s “Vimy Oaks” inspires hope as the world remembers and honours the soldiers who served in the First World War. From publisher’s website.

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Red Cedar Book Awards
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 12 reviews
by jake on Red Cedar Book Awards

It was another book that I found pretty boring i did't really find it interesting and the colors where pretty dull.

by ConstantineAtlas123 on Red Cedar Book Awards

I give this book a rating of 5 because it had lots of information boxes below the pictures that tell you about the picture. Also the art was amazing!

by Jaina GT on Red Cedar Book Awards

This book was ok. It was not as interesting as I thought, and the pastel paintings were a little too blurry to see what was going on. It also did not talk a whole lot about the battle at Vimy Ridge, or the Vimy Oaks.

by Sydney on Red Cedar Book Awards

the pictures were blurry and it was hard to follow

by willowGT on Red Cedar Book Awards

I like that the so the book brings you back in time. to the World War, but without the really bad memories. And it was interesting, and I learned more about the war.

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