Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance by Ann Love and Jane Drake

Rewilding is an important environmental movement to restore habitats to their natural state. By reintroducing native plant species, we also protect the wildlife that depends on them for food. In this comprehensive look at rewilding, the authors present examples from around the world where endangered animals have been returned to their natural habitats. From pandas and peregrine falcons to jaguars and wolves, the stories of these animals testify to the fact that with good management, the extinction of species can be avoided. From

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Red Cedar Book Awards
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 10 reviews
by ConstantineAtlas123 on Red Cedar Book Awards

I gave this book a rating of 5 because I love all nature and I think that all the stuff that it says should happen.

by jake on Red Cedar Book Awards

I did't really like it was really boring but if you want to learn about rewilding it would be a good book for you

by Sydney on Red Cedar Book Awards

I only found a couple of the story's that were interesting

by kaela on Red Cedar Book Awards

This was very interesting book. It had lots of information about rewilding.

by Eden on Red Cedar Book Awards

This book was pretty good. it made me understand what other animals are going through. It made me feel that us humans are not caring for our animals. I liked the pictures in the book and the information was balanced and easy to read.

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