Reviewed By: What the Eagle Sees

Reviewed By:  Cosmic C

The book What the Eagle Sees tells the stories of many Indigenous groups over the centuries by an indigenous archaeologist. He describes many of hard things they faced including the Spanish invading and the other Europeans invading. It also told me a lot about their way of doing things, and how much it has changed over time. I enjoyed reading this book because it told me many things on First Nations that I never knew before. I particularly enjoyed reading about the horses, and how Indigenous people first came across them and used them in their lives. There were interesting stories about runners who sent messages between groups, and they had to run very long distances in hot weather. I liked the stories that told of their bravery and quick wit. I liked that the stories were not too long in length because I find they are too long its hard to take it in. I enjoyed the pictures because they showed the stories. I wonder where all the pictures came from?  The ‘imagine’ boxes were great – they helped me imagine what it was like to be there, in the story. I read the book quickly because it was so interesting.