Reviewed By: The Unteachables

Reviewed By: Nigel

4/5 The author did a good job of detailing the students’ emotions when Mr. Kermit was fired.  They seemed angry, sad, and very complex.  I especially liked the character Mateo because he is more in relation to me.

Reviewed By: Cosmic C

This book is about a girl named Kiana who had to temporarily move to a different state in the US where her dad lived while her mother was travelling for work. She went to a new school but her stepmum forgot to register her so she ended up being in a class with the unteachables – a group of kids who were believed to be very badly behaved. The teacher used to be really great at his job but then there was an incident where a kid in his class cheated by sharing results for an important test. When the class got top marks, the principal found out and the teacher got blamed. So now he just sits and reads his newspaper, waiting on his early retirement at the end of the school year. Over time though, the kids start to be better behaved and the teacher starts paying attention When a science fair competition is announced, the kids decide they want to enter it and do their best to make their teacher proud. I found this book really funny and I loved how the kids found their strengths.

Reviewed By: Jamie

I loved this book because it made me laugh a lot and want to read more. Also because it was relatable and made you connect with the characters.

Reviewed By:  Sara Zietka

I give this book a rating of 4.9 because The Unteachables is an exciting read, as the most difficult class at Greenwich Middle School learns to like learning with the help of their teacher Mr. Kermit.  The book has a good amount of action and adventure and is an amazing account of a class trying to save their teacher.  It keeps the reader’s attention, even making us yearn that the Unteachables will succeed in their mission.  It also shows how the kids who are supposedly not smart can succeed, which makes the book a very good read for everyone.   It has a good moral as Mr. Kermit defends the children for the right to be included in all school activities.  The only thing that took this book down a notch was that it was predictable, but I still enjoyed it immensely.