Reviewed By: The Royal Guide to Monster Slaying

Reviewed By: Grace

I gave this book a 5 because I like the idea you can be anything you want.  I also liked the whole idea of this book.  I liked how it had the monster field guide – that was a very smart idea.  I would read another book in this series if there was one!

Reviewed By: Alaina

4/5 It was a good book and I enjoyed the plot.  It kept me on my feet, but it could have been better if there were more details on the characters.

Reviewed By: Cosmic C

This book is about a princess called Rowan who is destined to become queen because she is the eldest. Her twin brother, Rhydd is meant to be the royal monster hunter. Rowan would give anything to switch places. Her aunt, brother and the rest of the hunters head off on a mission to stop the deadliest monster of all; a gryphon. Rowan is determined to protect her brother so she waits until night then goes into the forest to find them. On the way she finds a baby jackalope whose mother has been killed by illegal hunters. When she sets off again the jackalope won’t go away. She finds the camp where Rhydd and the hunters are staying that night and joins them. The next morning, they all set off to where the gryphon had been sighted, and Rowan gets to join them on the adventure after all. I think the message of the book is that even if something seems impossible, it can still actually happen. I really enjoyed this book because it used a lot of imagination with the different monsters but some bits were realistic as well.

Reviewed By: Jamie

At first I thought the topic of this book would be for younger kids but it was super good and made me laugh at some parts and a little scary. I also liked this book because you would not think that what happened would happen like when Rowan got the sword and her brother got the throne.

Reviewed By:  Sara Zietka

I give this book a rating of 4.4 because this novel holds you on the tip of your toes waiting to see what Rowan will do next to try and defeat the monster.  It is full of action and adventure and the characters were described so well that you could intuit what they would do next.  The weakness was that Armstrong did not delve into the emotions of the characters so when you should have felt extremely scared you had only your imagination to fill in the blanks.  Otherwise, it was a better book than the title conveys and shows a very tenacious girl always believing in herself to conquer the monsters.