Reviewed By: Operatic

Reviewed By: Elaina

5/5 At the beginning, it was a bit hard to get interested in.  But eventually it was easy to get right into the book!  It was a really good book and I loved the ending.  I think the reason I found it hard to get into was I didn’t connect personally to the book.  I don’t have anything bad to say at all about this book.

Reviewed By: Lilly

5 stars for sure.  It was very hard to put down.  The empty desk kept my grip on the book the whole time and the plot was amazing.  I loved the ending as well.  Would love to read another book in this series if there was one!

Reviewed By: Cosmic C

Operatic is a graphic novel about a girl named Charlie. Her teacher assigns a project where the students have to find a song that represents them. To help guide them, each day the teacher plays different types of music for them to listen to. When the teacher plays an opera song by Maria Callas, Charlie is inspired by the singer’s determination to do what she enjoyed even if some people were against her doing that. Charlie learns more about Maria Callas’ life growing up, and it helps her to better understand situations at school. I thought it was a cool idea how the illustrator used only three colours to represent different moods in the story. Blue was used when the characters feel sad or down, pink was used when Maria Callas is singing, yellow is a more regular kind of day colour. I think that without the illustrations it would have been harder for me to understand the story.

Reviewed By: Lucy

I give this book a 4.5 rating because Operatic is an interesting way to explain Charlotte’s (a.k.a.Charlie) experience in her music classroom. Mr. K assigned a project to the class about their favourite song. Charlie falls in love with opera music and gets to know Maria Callas and experiences the sound of oprea. I liked the amount of detail and how she explained the characters in the story. The only thing is that I wish she would use more colors. She used mainly 4 colors: blue, yellow, pink, and black. Other than that, the book was engaging and it definitely was a page turner!