Reviewed By: Hubble Space Telescope

Reviewed By: Emily

This book is about a lot of different galaxies.  Really cool ones too!  Did you know that there are like rainbow galaxies?  This book has really good photos too!  I give it a 4.5/5 because it has great photos and lots of great fats.  A little closer to the end it got a bit repetitive – but overall, it was great!!
Reviewed By:  Cosmic C

The Hubble Space Telescope is a book packed with information and amazing photographs. All of the photographs in the book were taken by the Hubble telescope (and a few were combined with photos from another telescope). The book has five parts to it. The first one tells you about the Hubble telescope and how it was made and why it’s so important. I found this section a bit harder to read than the rest of the book because it has more information and fewer photos. The second part is all about the planets in the solar system. I especially enjoyed the section on Mars. The photos showed me that Mars actually looks different than I imagined.  The third part is about star clusters and nebulas. I really enjoyed seeing the different colourful nebulas. I found it really interesting that each nebula is different in its own way. Sometimes they look like specific things, for example, the Butterfly nebula and the Ant nebula. My favourite nebula is the Eagle nebula. It has an interesting shape. Part four is about galaxies. Many of them are either really big or small. The last part shows things that are more far away from us in space. For anyone who has an interest in space, this is a really good book to read because it shows lots of information that I bet lots of people don’t know about.