Reviewed By: Harvey Comes Home

Reviewed By: Makenna

5 stars for sure!  I love the stories Mr. Pickering tells Austin and Harvey.  I can just feel Harvey falling asleep on my lap.  I would read this book again.  I will tell and recommend this book to my friends and family.  This is a great book to read for dog lovers or for anyone!

Reviewed By: Lena

I think Harvey comes home is one of the best books I have ever read. It is a heartwarming story of a small dog on a big adventure. I think I would give it a 5/5, because colleen put so much personality in to the characters. My favourite characters are Mr.Pickering, General, and Bertie. I like Mr.Pickering because of the stories he tells of his childhood. I like General because he is loyal and risks his life for Bertie.I like Bertie because she is adventurous like me. I hope to read the next one soon!

Reviewed By: Cosmic C

Harvey Comes Home was a great book and I didn’t read anything else until I finished it! Harvey is a very cute dog who I’m sure I would love if I met him. This book is about a dog named Harvey whose owners go away on a trip, and he’s left with another girl. She doesn’t know to check the gate so when she lets Harvey out into the yard he slips through the gate following his nose. Austin, who is volunteering at Brayside retirement home where his grandpa works as a janitor, finds Harvey outside the front doors. He takes Harvey in and finds that he makes scary, old Mr Pickering share his memories and bring him more to life. My favourite parts of the book were when Mr Pickering told Austin about his childhood in the Canadian prairies in the 1930s. My favourite character in his past is his dog, called General. Austin doesn’t want to let Harvey go when he sees the lost dog posters looking for Harvey but finally his owner, a girl named Maggie, gets him back. I think the book is about how anybody can help someone if they want to. Austin helped Mr Pickering let go of his past. Harvey helped Austin realize that he cared for Mr Pickering and that he wasn’t scary after all.

Reviewed By: Jamie 

I liked this book because I thought that both the people, the boy and the owner needed to think of how the other was feeling. If the boy gave back the dog then the man he was visiting would be back to being sad and mean. But if the boy kept Harvey the owner would be so sad and he would be stealing the dog.

Reviewed By:  Lucy

I give this book a four out of five because it was a fascinating book and it definitely was a page turner. Colleen used the interesting description and explained the setting very well. This story is told in three different perspectives. Harvey is an innocent little dog who, like most dogs, follows his nose. One day, he went too far and got lost. Looking for help, a boy finds him and brings him into a seniors home. There he meets elderly people and gives them the joy that they need. In the end, it might be Harvey who does the helping. I really like how much emotion there was, but I wish there was more action

Reviewed By:  Sara Zietka

I give this book a rating of 4.2 because Harvey Comes Home is an amazing way to tell the tale of a dog trying to find his home.  Because dogs have poor short term memory Harvey can’t remember where his home is. This story is told from three different perspectives, and you see how emotionally trying this dog’s journey home is from all sides. The character and emotional elements were strong, but it didn’t have much action.