Reviewed By: A Boy is Not a Bird

Reviewed By: Emma

This book is a true story – when WWII hits, a child (Natt) must suffer with so many things like personal loss, violence, and so much more.  Will this war every stop?  This book is just an emotional rollercoaster.  It is so heart felt and true I wouldn’t change anything about it.  Very well done – 5/5!

Reviewed By: Cosmic C

This book is about a boy Natt who lived in Ukraine when the Russians took over. Many people in his country were being treated harshly. His family had to move out of their house because their house was being used as a bank. They moved into a tiny apartment nearby. They had to sell many of their things and his father was arrested and accused of doing things that he did not do.  Natt was also arrested himself for one day but his mother helped him get out. They ended up having to move to Siberia with a lot of other people, and they travelled on a train that was cramped and uncomfortable with too many people per carriage. A few people in his carriage died. At one stop there was a lake where they were allowed to bathe and wash their clothes. There, he found his old Hebrew teacher and his daughter Shainie, who at the beginning were sent on another train but they had been able to switch so now they were together. The story of Natt is based on the story of a teacher the author had. This book was one of my favourites! I found the story was realistic and the characters were very interesting. I learned more about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how hard it was for the people who lived there. The book was a bit sad in general but the ending was hopeful because he was with his friend again.

Reviewed By: Jamie

I liked this book because it made me think of how people had to live in a war. It made me feel very sad that people had to sober and I hope that the world has changed that. I also felt happy when they were safe and when they were happy.