Reviewed By: Orcas Everywhere

Reviewed By:  Cosmic C

The book Orcas Everywhere taught me how important orcas are, and how we should do our best to protect them from danger. It’s broken into different chapters, and each one has a quote beneath the title. In the chapters, there are ‘orca bites’, which are small boxes that describe words that readers might not know. I found those really helpful to understanding the text. I learned that in many different countries, people kept orcas in captivity.  The book told me many stories of orcas kept in captivity, and several orcas died because of the way they were treated. Now, people are trying to stop orcas being kept away from their home in the ocean. I also learned that orcas are matriarchal so the oldest female in the group is the matriarch leader. There are two kinds of orcas; transients who move about and do not stay in one area, and residents/biggs whales who stay in one big area. Residents eat fish but transients will also eat sea mammals. Every orca has a different dorsal fin that it can be identified by. They have a patch under their dorsal fin that is also used to identify them. I always though orcas were ferocious animals. This book taught me that orcas can be friendly!