Non-Fiction: Why Does My Shadow Follow Me?

Author Illustrator Publisher
Kira Vermond Suharu Ogawa Annick Press

This book is jam packed with interesting questions from kids about every day science in the world around us- it truly has something for everyone!

Are you curious about science? Science is all around us in our everyday lives! All the questions in this book come from kids who visited the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Author Kira Vermond provides the answers with help from the scientists and researchers at the Science Centre. Topics range from interesting facts about animals, technology, outer space and more. With bold cartoony illustrations from Sugaru Ogawu, this book will inspire readers to be curious about the world around them.


  • If you could ask a scientist anything, what would you ask?
  • Have people been to Mars? What makes it hard for humans to live there?
  • What are some reasons that humans will never be able to fly on their own?
  • What is the largest muscle in the body and why is it useful?
  • Where is the tiniest bone in your body and what does it help you do?