Non-Fiction: Treaty Words For As Long As the Rivers Flow

Author Illustrator Publisher
Aimée Craft Luke Swinson Annick Press

 This litte book poses some serious questions about the meaning of treaties, natural law and respect. 

Anishinaabe / Metis lawyer Aimee Craft lyrically introduces the importance of Indigenous relationships and respect for the earth, animals, and each other. A young girl’s Mishomis weaves cultural knowledge and tradition throughout his stories about natural law, treaties and agreements. Craft introduces the differences between ownership of the land versus relationships with the land, the interconnectedness of all creation. Anishinaabe artist Swinson reflects the gentle tone of the book with sepia, orange and blue tones reflecting the relationships between land, sun and water. 


  • What does Mishomis mean? 
  • How does Mishomis describe the concept of “foreverness”? 
  • How would you describe “natural law or earth’s law”? 
  • What does the young girl compare the sounds of ceremony to? 
  • How was the treaty “made with the Queen” misunderstood?