Non-Fiction: The Wolf Mother

Author Illustrator Publisher
Hetxw’ms Gyetxw
Brett D. Huson
Natasha Donovan Highwater Press

Huson’s fifth book in the Mothers of Xsan series is a beautifully illustrated story about a pack of BC grey wolves.

Gorgeous paintings by a Metis illustrator accompany Huson’s fifth book in the Mothers of Xsan series. Huson, an award-winning storyteller from the Gitxsan Nation in northwest BC, describes the life cycle of a grey wolf from its birth to pack leader. Insets on each page define terms which may be unfamiliar to young readers. A description of the Gitxsan nation and a map of their territory is included. 


  • What does the word”species” mean?
  • How much better can a wolf smell than a human?
  • How does a wolf show submission?
  • Who cares for wolf pups?
  • What purpose does howling serve?