Non-Fiction: Shelter

Author Illustrator Publisher
Lois Peterson Taryn Gee Orca

An informative survey of the causes of homelessness and what people and countries are doing to address the problem.

Shelter is a title in the Orca Think series which deals with current social issues. The author explains why people are homeless, what kind of people they are and how governments and organisations are trying to find solutions to this problem. Peterson uses personal problems of various street people to make the issue come alive to readers and explains why everyone deserves a safe place to call home. 


  • What would you take with you if you had to live in a car?
  • Are all homeless people drug addicts or alcoholics?
  •  Do you think all homeless people are able to work?
  •  What do you think homeless people need the most?
  •  How would you try to help homeless people?