Non-Fiction: Nature Out of Balance

Author Illustrator Publisher
Merrie-Ellen Wilcox   Orca

English Ivy, Himalayan blackberries, and Zebra mussels are all invasive species in Canada that threaten native plants and eco-systems. 

Non-native plants and animals have travelled by wind, sea and land as accidental tourists. Some have been brought intentionally to North America. Once here many invasives flourish and created massive problems for the local fauna by competing for land and food. In Wilcox’s words – they “become a bully”! This book highlights many plant and animal “invasive all-stars” and highlights their effect on the environment. On the upside we learn about ecologists and citizen scientists (like you) who are helping study, control and repair eco-systems across North America. 


  • Name five invasive species that are threatening Canadian eco-systems. 
  • Can you describe one invasive species that was brought in to solve a problem and then became a bigger problem? 
  • Which is the most invasive species of all? 
  • What does “ecological restoration” mean? 
  • How can YOU help control invasive species?