Non-Fiction: Mad for Ads

Author Illustrator Publisher
 Erica Fyvie Ian Turner  Kids Can Press

Mad for Ads will make you think differently about advertising with its interesting facts bold, cartoony illustrations.

In Mad For Ads, you’ll take a deep dive into the world of advertising and marketing. With fun, cartoony graphics by Ian Turner, this book will make you think about why you buy the things that you do and what makes something trendy. Mad for Ads will teach you everything you need to know about the persuasive power of advertising and the importance of media literacy in today’s ad saturated world.


  • Can you think of a jingle or slogan for a product you’ve heard on a TV or on the radio? What makes it so catchy?
  • If you had to make an ad for your favourite breakfast cereal, what would you include?
  • Think of the places that you’ve seen ads around you. How many advertised messages do you see in a day? Where do you see them?
  •  Can you think of an ad that has made you feel a certain way? (Made you laugh, feel sad, or feel shocked
  • What kinds of creative elements go into marketing a product?