Non-Fiction: How to Become an Accidental Activist

Author Author Illustrator Publisher
Elizabeth  MacLeod Frieda Wishinsky Jenn Playford Orca


Ordinary People Can Make a Difference in This World

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world…..”. Margaret Mead

Learn about people who stand up and speak out to the world. Young and old. Women and men. Ordinary people who have become active as influencers. They want to bring about positive changes to make the world a better place. Any citizen can find a passion and work to be a change maker.


  • Equal rights. Climate change. LBGTQ issues. What are you passionate about changing in the world? 
  • Change takes time and perseverance! What other qualities do activists need? Hint: Check the chapter titles! 
  • Being an •activist• means you take action to make political or social change. Who might be able to help you to bring attention to an issue? 
  • Why is activism or change important to us? Think about things like human rights or climate change. Why do we need to act? 
  • What issue in this book particularly inspired you? 
  • Dream BIG! What could you do to make even a small change in the world?