Non-Fiction: Germy Science

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Edward Kay Mike Shiell Kids Can Press

Discover so many cool (and gross) facts about germs in this very timely and informative book, Germy Science, part of the popular A Gross Science Book series.  

What could be more fun than reading  ‘gross’ facts , and at the same time, learn so much about germs!  What exactly is a germ? How were they discovered, when some are so small that they can’t be seen without a microscope? Did you know that germs are everywhere and aren’t all bad for us, but some are actually good for us! Read and learn loads of very cool [and gross] facts about these amazing organisms and how they impact our lives. 


  • What exactly is a germ and how were they discovered?
  • Did you know that germs are actually different in different parts of the world? 
  • How have these tiny organisms changed history?
  • What are the dangers that germs present now and in the future?
  • What is a really simple way to help keep germs away?


Cosmic C

Germy Science talks about the different types of germs such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses and the things that they can do. I found it interesting because I learned a lot of new facts, like that not all germs are harmful and they can even protect you from other germs! In the How Germs Were Discovered section it tells you not only about how we found out about germs, but also the strange ideas and superstitions that people used to believe. One of the most interesting things I learned was that germs can multiply inside your body from just a few to millions within a day – that’s crazy!

The book was well presented. It kept my interest throughout and taught me lots of new things. Although the topic of the book might be off-putting to some people, the funny, brightly coloured illustrations made it fun and added a silly side. That’s a clever way to get people to learn and talk about a subject they might otherwise avoid.

SD20 Webster Elementary Red Cedar Readers

I really enjoyed Germy Science. It was very interesting and had great illustrations. It is a great non-fiction book about germs, how they get us sick and how to stay healthy. This book has a lot of great fonts and well organized fact boxes. I would recommend Germy Science to any one 9+ who enjoys non-fiction and science.

Germs are everywhere, on the device you are reading this with on your hand, on the book I read and so much more. I really liked this book because of the information it gave and how it did that. It wasn’t particularly long but I don’t see why that would make this a bad book. The reason I think that this book is so good is because it’s a great information book that explains the growth on how much we humans knew about germs up to this day. I will recommend this book to people that like germ facts or just facts in general that don’t like to read long boring chapters.

Germy Science isn’t a regular book I would read everyday but I really didn’t mind it. I really liked how the book was talking about germs throughout the whole book. I recommend this book for people who are in grade 5-7. I rate this book a ⅗.  

This book was very fascinating. The illustrations were kind of gross in some parts. Furthermore, this book had lots of facts about germs, and lots of funny pages. This book kept me hooked the whole time! I’d say this book is for all people Grade 5 and up. I rate this book a whopping ⅘.

Germy Science was a weird and gross book. It gave me shivers about how there are trillions of germs everywhere. It was funny and taught me a lot about scientists and big plagues. Overall, I would recommend this book to grades 4-7 or anyone that likes learning about germs and viruses.

I thought that Germy Science was a pretty good book. It’s a Red Cedar and a non-fiction book. It had lots of cool and interesting facts about germs, getting sick and a whole bunch of other things that have to do with that kind of stuff. If you don’t know what one of the words mean there is a glossary that will probably have the word and what it means. I think this book should be for kids 10 and up because it’s an easy read other than some pretty big words. Overall, I rate this book a ⅗.

On each page of this book it appeared to look like there was dirt or snot on it which kind of grossed me out. This book had some pretty interesting facts about germs! It was very informational and had me interested in each topic. Some of the pictures in the book were funny and others were kind of gross but otherwise the pictures were well related to the topic. I would recommend this book to any kid who can or has someone to read to them because I feel it would be fun or cool for them! ⅘

I liked the book Germy Science. It is a good informational book and it has a good layout. It has pictures that relate to what you are reading and the index is well organized. I think that it is a interesting and fun information book.

Germy Science was ok. I personally didn’t like it too much because I’m more of a fiction kind of person, so I don’t read too many non fiction books. I mean, there were a few facts in the book that I thought were pretty neat, but other than that, it wasn’t too great of a read. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy non-fiction.